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ppB’s Commitment to Safety Earns ISNetworld Certification

For a business to have an effective safety program, it must fully integrate it into the company culture and its practice. It requires communicating the value of safety and everyone taking ownership of it—from the head of the company to the new hire.

At ppB enviro-solutions, WE DIG SOLUTIONS—not just environmental solutions, but innovative solutions to safety challenges we face each day in the field. We believe the prevention of incidents is the foundation of safety practices, so we committed ourselves to achieve ISNetworld certification.

ISNetworld is a quality assurance organization that standardizes project and safety reports for contractors and helps hire clients to manage projects. They collect health, safety, procurement, quality, and regulatory information to meet governmental record-keeping and owner client requirements.

Our ISNetworld certification gives clients a meticulous and trustworthy standard for measuring our project delivery and safety performance.



Is your company looking to bolster clients’ confidence and improve workplace safety processes? ISNetworld certification may be a solution. Here are a few things you should know about the process.

  • IT ISN’T A “ONE AND DONE” TASK: Many people think you pay for a membership and can walk away certified. This is not the case! While the process isn’t complicated, there is some heavy lifting with paperwork. And it does require upkeep over the lifespan of your company.

  • OSHA + FEDERAL CITATIONS ARE A FACTOR: ISNetworld will search OSHA’s and the EPA’s database for your company name. If they find your company has had a federal citation in the last three years, ISNetworld will deduct points from your overall score.

  • SAFETY PROGRAMS: The type of work your company performs dictates what and how many safety programs you are required to submit for review. These can range from 10 to 30 different safety programs, all outlining your company’s procedure on things like bloodborne pathogens or fall protection.


While different industries deal with a variety of health and safety issues, the need for safety compliance in the environmental and geological field is crucial. ppB recognizes the potential for environmental impact from conditions involving falls, fire hazards, spills, and pathogen contamination. Therefore, our safety process seeks to continuously improve training and wellbeing for team members facing potentially dangerous situations.

Our ISNetworld certification gives clients a meticulous and trustworthy standard for measuring our project delivery and safety performance. The result? We save you time and money in the hiring process because we’re committed to a safe and efficient process that complies with government regulation.


Learn how ppB can help you with regulatory strategy development.

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